Tuesday, 18 January 2011

a doily bowl for a granny chic afternoon

Eeek, just twelve days till my birthday, which means ten days till my birthday party! I am so super excited - I'm hosting a granny chic afternoon tea party - think florals, cakestands and lots of doilies. In my head I'm one of those crazy party planner types who does everything handmade, but this time I am taking it easy. All my diys are low-energy high impact types, I'm buying in the birthday cake (quel horreur), focussing on  sweet treats and fun ways to display everything. Later this week I'll be posting my diy cakestands, but for now a super simple doily bowl:

I would post a real tutorial but it is pretty much summed up in this one pic:

(thrifted crochet doilies + spray starch + upsidedown bowl) x leave over night = doilie bowls

Pretty huh? The starch didn't make them as sturdy as I'd like so I can't put anything too heavy in them. Next time I think I'd use a watered down pva solution or something like these plaster of paris bowls.

If you make these please let me know what you did with them. I think a doily bowl of sweet treats could replace the ubiquitous muffin basket, or you could fill it full of sparkly costume jewellery for your best friend's dressing table.

Keep checking back for the rest of the party projects (or just pop over after the party next week and get your whole fix in one go - though secretly I don't really want you to do that!)

Blue Skies,
Charlotte xo


  1. cute! I'm always looking for new ideas for all the doilies I hoard in my craft closet : )

  2. These are cool - can't beat a bit of granny chic!


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