Friday, 14 January 2011

a friday link list

I absolutely love the concept of Pay it Forward, my favourite sugestion: "Tape the exact change for a soda or snack to a vending machine" - look out for my list on 'Random Acts of Kindness Day' (17th February) - if you don't read any other blog today, read this one!

Some other things from this week:

I fell in love with this Quiet Book made by the talented mamas of Serving Pink Lemonade

I spliced open my son's Rubber Duckie in the name of crafting!

Spent a lot of time thinking about this post on Heirloom Crafting, so much in our lives is disposable that our crafting should be geared towards sustainable, lasting and joyful projects

I know macarons are probably so last year when they were blog de rigeur and every magazine was heralding them as the new cupcake. I'm pretty sure they're vaguely uncool now, so they'll fit right in at the granny chic birthday party I'm having at the end of the month. Got a great recipe to share? I will mostly be reading Emily's tips for the perfect macaron for the next two weeks!

... while we're talking about baking tips and birthday parties, you should probably read How to Ice a Cake from Prudent Baby

... and still talking about baking, I will be baking a difference with Frosting for the Cause on March 30th!

Coming up this week wrap it with a doilie and a gift guide for a tea lover

Blue Skies,
Charlotte xo

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  1. Lovely link list :) Enjoyed reading it and particularly like the macaron-making advice! Thanks for sharing.

    I have a feature like this on my blog too, by the way - I call it the Friday fives, and the latest one is here, in case you fancy reading:

    Claire x


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