Sunday, 13 February 2011

from the kitchen - homemade power breakfast

Being that I'm such a sugar addict, it pains me that my other half is such a health food freak, but, being one to look on the bright side, that just means more cakes for me right? But it leads me to a quandary at the onset of sugar laden obsessive confection disorder holidays, Easter, Valentines, Christmas... staring into the depths of my baking cupboard and weighing up making a batch of sugar cookies I know only I will enjoy with an oaten flapjack using raw honey and egg white.

So for a homemade v-day gift this year I mixed a batch of homemade muesli. There is no official recipe for muesli and never any specific quantities. I did some research (on the back of a packet of Jordan's Country Crisp) and decided a mix of oats, wheatgerm, nuts, seeds and dried fruits sounded good to me*. I bought packets of mixed seeds and nuts and whizzed them in the processor to slightly chop them up a bit and tipped it all in a jar with a couple of those little boxes of raisins (that my son is never more than two feet from at any time) and a handful of craisins (ditto with the child proximity ratio). As I was shaking the jar to mix it's contents I realised this would look super cool with the ingredients in layers, but too late.

And though it was the work of moments my jar of 'homemade power breakfast' was decreed 'one of your best gifts ever'

Blue Skies,
Charlotte xo

* Oh and just because I can't not make something without the slightest hint of sugar a tablespoon of semisweet chocolate chips (don't tell)

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