Thursday, 3 February 2011

three things february - day three

'Three Things February' is a little blog challenge, held by Sarah of Among the Chimneypots. The idea is to post three things every day that have made you smile. Just little things like the froth on your cappuccino or cracking open a fresh magazine, you know those small moments so often overlooked and udnerestimated. The idea is that by consciously noticing and recording those moments we can make February a nicer place to be.

1. banoffee pie at my favourite independent coffee shop
(and the funny looks I got taking photos of my food!)

2. feeling like it's the first day of Spring

3. these crazy coloured granny squares


  1. that banoffee pie looks AMAZING!! Love the crochet squares too :)

  2. Yum! I quite like the strange looks I get when I photograph random things!

  3. I always say, noone but a blogger understands taking photos of your feet!


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