Thursday, 10 March 2011

A Baby Baking Gift

A while ago Little Vin commandeered a toy whisk from playgroup. Being the kind of mother I never thought I would be, he seemed to like it so I let him keep it. And he carried his little whisk around wherever he went. He even stuck an egg shaped shaker in the baloon end of it to make maracas... because I have one of those baby genius' you're always hearing about right? But one day one of the prong bits got broke and suddenly the whisk became a weapon of eye poking danger and daddy confiscated it and it was relegated to the bin.

So when I saw this silicone baking stuff in the hardware cum cookery cum garden shop in CP, I bought him a new (proper grown-up sized) whisk... and then he was reaching for a pastry brush too, and being that I am now that kind of mother I let him have that too. Then we came home and looked in mama's baking cupboards (of yes, I have two!) and suddenly there was a silicone cupcake tray and plastic cookie cutters and cupcake cases and a wooden spon to add to the collection.

And since I always said I'd be the kind of mother who made her kid's toys and who encouraged imaginative play... we have been baking up quite a storm of air and imagination today.

So next time you're in receipt of a last minute kid's party invitation and are staring at your kid's toybox wondering what could legitimately pass off as a worthwhile gift (because we know you're that kind of a mother) or the next time you find your kid coming out of their upturned toybox declaring they have nothing to play with head to the kitchen for some inspiration.

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