Monday, 3 January 2011

from the giftlist - arty & poetic Cecile

I have to tell you, my inspiration when putting this gift guide together was entirely fuelled by self-interest. See, it is my birthday at the end of this month, and my head has been full of wishlists and shopping trips. So when I set out to create a gift guide for a teenage girl, this got somewhat skewed into a gift guide for a teenage me. Albeit a somewhat cooler and more self-aware version of the teenager I was. And she has much better taste than I did.
I call her Cecile. She is never without a notebook tucked under her arm. People don't quite 'get' her, but she secretly likes being misunderstood. Her angst fuels her art. Her wardrobe is full of vintage inspired pieces  and in her makeup bag you'll find black kohl liner and red lipstick. She would describe her style as somewhere between Sylvia and Virginia. She will probably tell you she does not want to acknowledge her birthday, but if you did, Cecile would probably thank you quietly and without smiling because it would not sit right with her image.


  1. Ooh, hello new blog! How exciting. And I love that journal, it's gorgeous!

  2. That sounds like my kind of teenage girl. And now I have yet another super cool print on my wish list.
    ~Christine H.


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