Tuesday, 4 January 2011

happy birthday sushicakes

Last year I undertook a project that in my head I referred to as 'The Birthday Cake Project' - for the entire year I made cakes, cupcakes, cookies and other baked goodies for every birthday boy or girl. Simple non? In theory, oui. But when I undertook to make unique and personalised cakey loveliness for all the people in my life I forgot how... difficult some of them are. Of course my caffeinated friend got 'coffee cake for latte lovers' and my semi Buddhist husband had a simple and zenlike green tea loaf cake. And then there's my friend who likes sushi and Liberty print fabric and obscure movies and then there's me scratching my head wondering how how how to incorporate the stuff she liked into cupcake cases. And so 'Happy birthday sushicakes' were born.

I mixed up a plain royal icing, a little runnier than I would usually, and poured onto cupcakes flavoured with a  tee tiny splash of vanilla. Then a snowstorm of dessicated coconut/ rice accessorised with jellybeans, foam shrimp and strawberry pencils.  

Wrapped in black card wrappers and packaged in a takeout box with a set of chopsticks - et voila - sushicakes for a birthday girl!


  1. the pink prawn is genius....mouth watering!!

  2. Super cute & clever! And now I'm done spamming your blog with comments. :D
    ~Christine H.

  3. Ooh love them! I made a sushi birthday cake for my hubby a few years ago from sweeties and white chocolate crumbs, and a wee blob of green butter icing for wasabi - was very pleased with myself, as should you be!

  4. greeeeeeeat!!!!!!!!

    greetz from germany !


  5. Those are soo cute and you can eat them?! Amazing! Thank you for sharing your creation at my link party!

  6. These are super cute! What a thoughtful gift.


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