Thursday, 6 January 2011

wrap it... with your christmas leftovers

This week might find you clearing away the clutter of Christmas, decorations packed neatly, lights bundled haphazardly, a deep fresh new year breath in your home and heart when you realise it's your bosses/sisters/neighbours birthday/anniversary/engagement. Faced with a gift-giving opportunity just when you thought your were in the clear until at least Valentines day leaves brings you out in a cold sweat as your mind flashes back to that frantic Christmas Eve where we find you in the middle of the floor with an extra large brandy to keep you company, strips of pre-cut sellotape hanging from every finger (and it looks like your elbow too!) while you curse whoever designed wrapping paper to be two inches too short! But fear not friends, before the panic sets in and you resign yourself to the giftwrap service of an overpriced faceless department store take a look around you. Your holiday clutter and Christmas leftovers could be your saving grace

This is the mutt of giftwraps - two strips of coordinating paper not big enough to be useful, brought together with a spot of sparkle

And while we're talking about that ribbon, I am usually a fan of a cross-tied ribbon (like a 'traditional' parcel) with a big bow. Here my too short ribbon not only covers the divide between papers but I like to think gives a modern twist

This is my favourite of this project. I love the sense of whimsy and play - perfect for a child (or big kid). I used more leftover ribbon (hence the red, gold and green colour scheme) and tied on little plastic toys from our Christmas crackers - a heart shaped keyring, pencil sharpener, miniature spinning top and teeny stencil.

To finish, as many ribbon curls as one package can hold, I wanted to create the image of a cracker being pulled with this gift

Also inspired and accessorised by the cracker, here I reused a chocolate coloured gift box that just two weeks ago sat underneath my tree, but was starting to look a bit battered around the edges. I used the quintessential and often mocked paper hat as trimming, scrunching a little to disguise the creased edges and securing in place with a lot of double sided tape

And even if you opt for a simple brown paper-white string combo (which is always my starting point when I'm not dressing up for photoshoots!) you can still accessorise your gifts with tags cut from your cards. Go for a traditional 'label' shape (and you can even buy label punches in craft stores) or cut around specific shapes. Me, I love my pinking shears and will find any excuse to use them.

Of course some of them will still look super-seasonal so stick them all in an envelope, slot it in the December pages of your diary and feel super smug that you have already started your Christmas planning!


  1. I always try and save ribbon, good way to recycle!

  2. I love recycled gift wrap ideas! come on over and link up to MMM :)

  3. I love the brown paper with the white string, simple and sweet.

  4. Such cute ideas! I love the brown, open zigzag. :O)


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