Friday, 7 January 2011

a friday link list

Mostly this week I have been loving reading all the hopes, dreams, goals and themes that this year is dedicated to. Like this manifesto, seven habits for the new year, these goals, this inspiring story and these 'non-goals'

Have you sent your thankyou notes yet? Nope, not me either Miss Manners. That's why I love these printable colour-able thankyou notes for the kiddos to personalise

Leftover nye champagne? Not in this house! but if you're not a lush like me try Nigella's Champagne Risotto or Champagne Truffle Pots...

...while we're on the subject of leftovers, did you see yesterday's wrap-it?

They might be selling 2011 calendars at mark down prices but it's not too late to put together one of these

index card journals

Looking forward... The Happiness Project London shared this great list of fun things to do in January

and next week I will be sharing a gift guide for a blogger geek and a USB DIY project, great for anyone who uses a computer regularly

Happy Weekend Folks!

Blue Skies,
Charlotte xo


  1. Ooh love the index card journal idea, it's brilliant! Also love the image at the top, think I'll print one to take in to work!

  2. I really love that image you chose, and I too have been so enjoying all the inspiring first-of-the-year sentiments. It really gets a girl to look on the bright side!


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