Monday, 10 January 2011

from the giftlist - le geek c'est chic

Clockwise from left:

In my head I wanted to call this week's imaginary gift recipient Bob. Bob sounds like the kind of guy who works in IT right? But then I figured some of my choices are a little girly. I don't see any guy named Bob wearing this 'Geek' Necklace, at least not around the office! So I needed to come up with a female version of Bob... Barbara? Anyway, Bob, Barbara, or any other name we care to label our benefactee, probably doesn't work in IT. No, that's too obvious, they probably have a job in online marketing for a trendy record label and wear supercool skinny jeans from Uniglo and have a hipster haircut. And they would love a set of pac-man cookie cutters and these i-fridge app magnets. Probably anyway.


  1. Too funny! You could always go Saturday Night Live and call the person "Pat". I like the pac man cookie cutters!


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