Monday, 21 February 2011

felt car mats

At some point around Christmas I looked over my boy's gender-neutral toys and wondered if now was the time for something a little more boy-ish. But what to do what to buy for little boys that doesn't include flesh ripping dinosaurs, homicidal aliens, war hero army men or monster trucks?

I found some Micro Machines cars in the flea market in CP and just watching his little face as he pushed them along the floor (and over his head) I knew I couldn't hold my facist toy preferences over him forever (and anyway, his dad bought him the flesh hungry dinosaur, complete with flashing lights and roaring sound effects).
I was inspired to the point of plagiarism by these felt car mats from Serving Pink Lemonade. Of course, those ones are neatly stitched and pressed, mine were stuck down with fabric glue. Oh and I later noticed they have printable stencils which would have saved me a lot of cursing as I tried to cut my shapes freehand.

Of course, living in South London, I couldn't make a little village without an urban fox roaming. Now I just need to find an Eiffel Tower ornament I can pretend is the
Crystal Palace Transmitter and we're good to go!

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