Monday, 28 February 2011

homemade sparkle goo

I guess the pink and sparklies are against the whole gist of 30 Days of Boy, oh and the hearts? And the sweeties? Yes, when I break the rules, I do it properly

When Little Vin's friend came to play, she loved mushing up his homemade toxic slime in her little fists and I knew I had to mix her up a girly version

I used the same recipe as before, but chucked in a helluva lot of pink food colouring to get that bubblegum hot colour

And then to up the girl-factor I stirred in half a pot of edible red glitter to make my pink goo sparkle and a couple of splashes of rose water to delicately scent it

et voila, pink and sparkly girly flavoured goo. Of course, I am clearly an extremist, you could just make a couple of pots in primary colours, omit the glitter and add whatever gender neutral scent tickles your nose buds  

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