Wednesday, 9 February 2011

keep me warm swap - part two

Last week I shared part one of the 'keep me warm' swap, now my partner has received her package I can share what I sent her:

chai infused milk - to turn a regular cup of tea into sweet cinnamony loveliness

hot chocolate on a stick inspired by this post

I wish I had taken a pic without the cello wrapper so you could see how neat the detailing is on the snowflake - I used a silicone mold so it was super easy to pour in the mixture and pop out

Orange Blossom Earl Grey & Rose-Scented black tea

I knitted a scarflette and turban style headwrap for the worn accessories part -
but for some reason I didn't take a pic. I also sent some ground coffee, little pouches of Options hot chocolate and a big tub of Bournville Cocoa - I grew up in Bournville, down the road from the Cadburys factory. In Summer evenings you could literally smell warm chocolate on the air!


  1. Everything you made me is so lovely and/or yummy! I'll have a cup of rose infused tea in a minute...yum! :D


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