Saturday, 12 March 2011

a doily bib for a baby girl

My friend Lex of Mother Porridge fame and mum to two gorgeous boys recently found out she is expecting a little lady. And while I'm pretty sure no mama wants a pink and sparkly ball of marshmallow fluff for a daughter, I also think after all the diggers, trucks and dinosaurs boy stuff, sometimes you need something a little pretty.

And while I know that a hand-stitched bib made from (white!) crochet might not be practical, I figure it's a girl's perogative right?

doily bib inspired by this one from Rachel Denbow


  1. How very decadent, she will be a pampered little girl form the offset with a bib like that - beautiful!

    Mich x

  2. totally practical. love that! Besides, she can always hang it up in babies room, it's that pretty.


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