Monday, 14 March 2011

a nicer place to be part two

I had so much fun planning and carrying out my random acts of kindness the other week, I have become somewhat obsessed with small gestures to make the world a nicer place. I love that description in 'Amelie' about how she spends her time cultivating small pleasures, and the good deeds she does for the people around her.

So today little Vin and I went on a street art trip with a box of chalks and a pavement canvas.

I feel very fortunate that London is the kind of place where you find street art is celebrated, and it absolutely makes my day to find a little sketch or sticker or a giant billboard sized mural, knowing that someone has created it purely to bring joy.

I also feel very fortunate that in my life I have learned to look out for small pleasures, and can often be found photographing my food, staring at the sky or smiling out of the windows of public transport. I believe blogging helps, capturing the beauty in the every day forces you to look outside of traditional concepts of art and style and design. And being a mother, watching my son look around him with brand new eyes. Let me tell you, I never got so much pleasure from spotting a squirrel before I had Vin.

But the sad thing is other people do not look at the world the way I do. Londoners scurry, commute, head down, blackberry out, headphones on, shut out the world. I truly think some people don't realise the passing of the seasons, the landmarks they don't acknowledge and the beauty they are missing. So I thought a few chalky reminders would bring a few smiles to someone's day.

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  1. I love your notes - they made me smile all the way from here.


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