Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Guinness Cupcakes for a St Patrick's Day Celebration

I first made these Guinness Cupcakes for father's day last year - under the impression that only dads like Guinness right? And it would appear so, because D has asked for them again and again on a monthly basis. And with it being St Patricks Day this week, I figured I might as well give in to peer pressure.

I first spotted the recipe in Nigella's 'Feast' and was a little giddy at the promise of deep and dark damp and chocolatey. Then I saw them as cupcakes on Patent and the Pantry and they were everything promised and more. I love the way the frosting cuts through the intense cakey richness and (of course) the iconic colouring.

And I loved the fact that I had half a bottle of Guinness leftover, to play around with in some kitchen experiments I'll share later in the week!

Blue Skies (and frothy white heads)
Charlotte xo

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