Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bicotti for the Cause

I am super excited because on March 30th I will be guest-posting over at Frosting for the Cause a great project where bakers are coming together to 'bake a difference'. Raising awareness and raising money for cancer charities (all the guest-posters have agreed to make a $25 donation to a cancer charity). Plus all the baked goodies are donated to hostels and hospitals, hopefully bringing a smile to a patient, their loved ones or the people caring for them.

There have been some amazing creations featured already like these meyer lemon beignets, these cinnabon cupcakes (from my new favourite foodie blogger), these pink camo cookies,  these strawberry cupcakes and my favourite hot chocolate cupcakes! There are so many talented bakers and so many touching stories of lives affected by this terrible disease. As you can tell, I'm pretty hooked, which is good because there are at least four months worth of bakers lined up to post, you can sign up HERE.

I had a couple of ideas for my guest-post and me being well... me, I decided to make them all (more lovely things to donate to my chosen hospice right?).  They're all based around the same theme as my final project, like these chocolate dipped almond biscotti (get the recipe here) but you'll have to wait until March 30th when my finished post goes live to see what exactly I've been whipping up in my little kitchen.

In the meantime, check out Frosting for the Cause, follow the project on Twitter, consider taking part and if you want to make a donation to Cancer Research UK you can do that HERE

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  1. what a wonderful cause! glad to hear this is happening and look forward to what you bake up (your chocolate biscotti is looking REALLY good :)


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