Saturday, 23 April 2011

the Easter Bunny cometh...

So, I'm attempting a somewhat chocolate egg free Easter. I may be kidding myself, I may eat my words this time tomorrow along with several packets of Mini Eggs. This isn't out of meanness, I hope you understand. But my kid is 19 months old, I don't wanna be spending £10 on a chocolate egg that's bigger than his head! And while we're on the subject... these eggs are hollow people. That's right, £10 for 125g chocolate!

But the holidays are all about the kids right? And I'm big on creating traditions for our little family, so a visit from a giant bunny and a breakneck hunt for sugar seems in order.

I figured the sugar coma was going to happen anyway, so I repackaged some mini marshmallows as tiny bunny tails. And did you know the Easter Bunny lays eggs... yep, multicoloured eggs.

And this one, I know is not to everyone's taste. But I live with boys:

I used Maltesers, but chocolate chips, raisins or Nesquik cereal would work... if you have older, and therefore more graphic and gross boys you could leave a trail of droppings for them to follow... trust me, I know my brothers would LOVE this idea

Little chick says 'don't forget about me'...

... I had grand plans for these sucker chicks (chuckers?) and I'm not entirely pleased with the Copa Cobana feathered headdress

And while I was digging around in my baking cupboard I found these flat lollies I was going to turn into ghosts for Halloween... so I made oeuf en stick instead:

I love how you can see the Toy Story alien arm poking out the side:

These candy bar wrappers are inspired (i.e. copied every detail) by these ones:

I wrapped up some fruit puree bars for Vin (which I'm sure have more sugar than regular sweets because they are like crack to my kid), and a Cookies n Creme bar for D:

And because it wouldn't be Easter without them:

I got some little toys and things for the hunt too, which is easier said than done, given my facist toy policy (no flashing lights, no brightly coloured plastic etc)

And these silicone poached egg pods - which are for David, though you know Vin loves his silicone baking set too.

And because I am that mom:


  1. The Easter toothbrushes are inspired!!!

  2. Love it all!! Holidays are so much fun with kiddos!! Have fun!


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