Saturday, 2 April 2011

from the giftlist - for mother's day

No, this isn't a gratuitous excuse to share this ridiculously cute pic of my kid (but look at his little smile! his little gappy teeth!) but part of the Mother's Day present for my mother in law.

See, the mil is one of those people who's windowsills and tabletops are covered in photos of her family, her four kids and eight grandkids. And I'm a bit ashamed to say that amongst them there is only one photo of little Vin, taken on my brother in law's iPhone and printed onto plain A4 paper. Between my beloved 35mm SLR still encased in my mom's garage 126 miles away and the fact that noone else shares my nostalgic romance with film these days, I just don't have any tangible photos to decorate the walls with.

So I sent the other half out with instructions to buy a digital photo frame and a memory stick with a huge capacity that I have now filled with photos of our little family. The frame has a slideshow option to flick through the hundreds of photos, and of course, can be updated at any time as the little man and our family grows.

And while I always thought that a phot frame was an obvious and unoriginal mother's day gift, I think this little present might just have convinced me otherwise.

Blue Skies,

Charlotte xo

1 comment:

  1. Your MIL is going to love this gift! What a sweet picture and I love the paintings hung in the background? Did you do them?


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