Monday, 25 April 2011

The Great Bunny, Hunt & Brunch

Did you know the Easter Bunny leaves a weblike trail when he's hiding eggs? Oh yes, at least when it is toddlers going on the hunt...

Since Vin was only just starting weaning at Easter last year, I am classing this as his first proper Easter. Which, of course means time for a new family tradition. The Great Bunny Hunt and Brunch.

I threaded the string from the bedroom door handle, all around the kitchen and living room. A Subtle Revelry did this with paper streamers. What's that popping out of the toaster?

... of course! Those are the bunny wrapped candy bars... Be warned, turn your toaster off at the plug. Those bunnies are wrapped in paper (duh) and you'll melt your chocolate!

I think this was so much fun, I'm considering doing it for all gift based occassions! A couple of things though. Hide the gifts after your kid has gone to bed, otherwise he will follow you round and remove all his new toys from their hiding places. Also, be aware of small children running through spiderweb liked criss crossed trail wrapped around the house. It was like that scene in Entrapment, only with balls of wool and screaming kids.

Oh, and while I promised myself a relatively chocolate free Easter, there were five eggs, eight creme eggs, one packet of mini eggs, one packet of chocolate buttons, two chocolate lollies, three chocolate bars, four tiny lindt bunnies and a packet of Maltesers... pseudo-hippy/facist parenting can't win them all right?


  1. Cute idea! As for not winning them all, if you have to lose....losing by chocolate takes the sting out of it :)

  2. Haha awww I have only just seen this post - loved this idea! My mum used to make similar Easter egg-hunting trails for me when I was younger, very happy memories :)

    Claire Marie x

  3. Hey, you didn't do your DB post?


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