Thursday, 27 January 2011

cupcakestands for a birthday tea

So I'm nearly done with all the birthday party prep, I went with a super simple mixture of homemade cupcakes and cookies and a shop bought cake displayed an varying shades of loveliness. And so the mini cakestand makes its debut.

As always my craft projects can be summed up in one photo, so here it is:

A little glass candlestick (one with a flat top of a decent width), superglue and a vintage saucer. Because my saucer was so little lining up the candlestick was quite easy, but if you have a larger plate smaller stick ratio you might need to do some measuring to get it square in the centre. Add some superglue and weigh down (philosophy is always a good choice for a weighty tome so I used an Edward De Bono, peruse your bookshelf at liberty). If you're worried about your candlestick slipping hold it in place with masking tape.

Leave for a good 24 hours or as long as your glue specifies and wash well before you use for food. I used tiny saucers as they are perfect for individual cupcake holders and after the party is over I think they may well take up residence on my dressing table to display my jewellery.

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