Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hip Hip Hooray - it's my -

Would you believe I had more garlands that I didn't get round to hanging?

I decided to go with a faded pastel colour scheme and an entire table of sweet treats (ok, there were a few healthy snacks for the bebes)

Earl Grey Cupcakes, tiny doily heart shaped toppers - and a lot of pink glitter sugar to cover up the uneven frosting!
Recognise that cupcake stand?

Rose-tinted meringues with pink buttercream

a doilie bowl full of marshmallows
(excuse the cake sitting on a cardboard cake box, I didn't take into account the 9"cake 7" cakestand ratio!)

Pink Wafers & Party Rings

As well as the dessert table, I put together a little tea bar using china teacups, vintage teaspoons and lots of lovely things to customise your cuppa:

rose scented black tea

earl grey with a hint of orange blossom

vanilla sugar & dried lavender

vanilla sugar, lavender, green tea, lemon slices, demerara
chai spiced milk, jersey cream, sugar cubes
rosetinted tea, orange blossom earl grey, decaf Yorkshire blend

I'm not sure I managed an entire cup of tea the whole party, or got my hands on a slice of cake, but I had such a great time. We are off to my hometown tomorrow, for a hot date while my mama looks after the little man for the first time!

Blue Skies,
Charlotte xo


  1. What a beautiful dessert/tea table! I love your garlands too, especially hung in such a sunny spot! Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    This post is making me hungry; I love Orange Blossom Earl Grey, though, so I think I'll make do with a cuppa...

  3. happy belated birthday! everything looks so wonderful :)

  4. super adorable - love the cut out cookies and beautiful meringues! happy birthday!

  5. Ooh it looks fabulous! Happy (belated) birthday!


    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! What a lovely spread you had!


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