Monday, 31 January 2011

from the giftlist - a very uncliche Valentine to you

I think part of my passion for gifting was sparked when I worked in a handmade cosmetic store over Christmas. We were busy from October through till January selling gifts gifts gifts, making recommendations and perfecting wrapping techniques, but nothing could have prepared me for the afternoon I had on Christmas Eve. I have never seen so many desperate men in my life, frantically snatching up whatever crushed and tattered offerings were left. Torn open gift box, smashed bath bombs, half melted massage bars - they were taking it all. With stocks of our Christmas themed supplies gone or beyond the point at which I would be willing to sell them, I had to get creative with what was left. So I grabbed some boxes and filled them with our floral soaps, petal filled bath bombs and chocolate bath melts. Instead of the typical Milk Tray and Roses combination of the expected husband to wife gifts, here was a treat box of hand-selected 'chocolates and flowers' lapped up by my grateful customers and hopefully well-recieved by their unsuspecting other halves.

So with two weeks till Valentines my friends, I thought I would share with you a chocolatey-flowery gift guide with not a cliche in sight!

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