Tuesday, 1 February 2011

three things february - day one

I'm undertaking a little blog challenge this month, Three Things February, started by Sarah Rooftops of Among the Chimneypots. The challenge is, each evening in February, post three things from that day that have made you smile. I undertook a challenge like this once before, and I have to tell you, looking for things to write down, consciously opening your eyes to beauty, it genuinely one hundred percet makes you feel happier. Even if you don't blog about it, I would suggest trying it, keep a note, take a photo, tweet it, but make a record of that small moment of happiness.

Today, Tuesday the First of February:

1. snatching a few minutes reading time while my boy sleeps

2. sending a parcel of homemade sweets and knitted goodies to a new friend

3. my son dishing out some baby love:


  1. I love your 3 things. And your son dishing out baby love is ridiculously cute.

  2. Oh these are so sweet! I'm so chuffed you're taking part!


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