Sunday, 6 February 2011

Teeny Tiny Baby Booties

It seems like everyone I know is having or has just had a baby. And boy, it's making me a bit gooey inside. Until the four am wake up that is. Or when I am on the recieving end of a toddler foot in the face. But when my friend's little girl showed up early, I knew something teeny tiny was in order.

I bought this lilac and pink speckled wool for practise when I first started knitting a couple of months ago but it was perfect for tiny baby girl booties.

I spent ages searching Ravelry for something simple, but of course that site is for super fantastic knitters who do all sorts of fancy things with their creations, but eventually I found this pattern from Bernat. This was my first time knitting anything other than a straight up and down scarf type shape, I wonder how people learnt any kind of skills without the aid of Youtube?

I am so in love with their tiny-ness - they looked obscene at first, but remembering how little new babies feet are, well it made me gooey all over again.

Blue Skies,
Charlotte xo

p.s. this post has inspired a series I'm writing on good and bad gifts for new babies, new mamas and little kiddlies. Example, the musical flashing cookie jar Vin got for his birthday? Terrible. The handcrafted wooden imaginative play construction set? C'est parfait. Care to share your holiday hall of fame?

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  1. Hey - your three things post popped up in my Reader before you deleted it; hope you're feeling better!


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