Saturday, 19 March 2011

Beignets for the Cause

So earlier this week I mentioned that I'll be guest-posting over at Frosting for the Cause next week, if you don't know what it's all about check out the details here.

When I first thought about what to bake for my post, one cake recipe popped into mind straight away. It was the first cake of my semi obsessive baking hobby and is always my favourite. But I rejected it at first, in favour of something fancy, unexpected flavour combinations and lots of sprinkles. But I knew that my first choice was the right one. And as I was thinking about it, some other ideas popped in my head that would be perfect accompaniments. So of course, I made them all. Hence the biscotti of previous post-fame and these lovely little beignets.

I have been thinking on and off about beignets for a couple of weeks now, and fantasising. Majorly. I just couldn't think of anything better sounding than pillowy batter deep fried and rolled in powdered sugar.

I'm not sure it's entirely kosher to dip them in warm Nutella, but since my pancake brunch I have been enjoying a love affair with chocolate spread.

I used this recipe from the frenchfood pages of and while some of my beignets were the size of tennis balls and hours later my house still smells like grease, I have to say my first beignet experience; warm chocolate, strong coffee, liberally sugared - was perfection.

I have a couple more posts before the big day (March 30th, make sure you join me) In the meantime, check out Frosting for the Cause, follow the project on Twitter and if you want to make a donation to Cancer Resarch UK you can do that HERE.

Blue Skies,
Charlotte xo

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